Prosiding Pengembangan Literasi Matematika

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Series: NA
Publisher:Universitas Indraprasta PGRI
Genres:Prosiding Nasional
Pages:11 pages
Binding: Softcover

Penggunaan model pembelajaran kooperatif dan minat belajar terhadap
ingkatan Literasi Matematika siswa

Abstract: This research is to know the influence of learning model kooerative jigsaw type learning and interest against against the capacity of mathematical literacy students. The sample research is 48 students from 8th grade of state junior high school in West Jakarta. The study uses a likert scale to gain data about the interests and multiple choice questions to gather data about the increase of
literacy ability mathematika students. The analysis of the data it uses Analysis of variance (ANOY A) two directions with 2 x 2. Based on data analysis, we can conclude that there are: an influence of the cooperative learning model of type jigsaw towards improved skills literacy mathematika students, an influence of interest towards learning improved literacy mathematika students, and an
e of the interaction between cooperative learning jigsaw type and learning interest towards improved skills literacy mathematika students. This research is expected to provide reference for teachers and policy makers.


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