Journal of Education and Learning

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Series:Volume 13
Publisher:Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
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Binding: Softcover

Understanding of mathematical concepts through cooperative
learning, and learning styles

Abstract: The results of the mathematics learning of junior high school students have not been satisfactory. This is due to the low understanding of students' mathematical concepts. The purpose of this research is to identify the
nfluence of cooperative learning model and learning style towards the
rstanding of the mathematical concepts of Junior High School students.
The method is factorial experiments with 2 x 3 and sample of the study is 60
students of 8th grade junior high school. The analysis results of variance
(ANOVA) indicate the following: the use of cooperative learning model of
pe Student Team Achievement Division influenced the understanding of
the mathematical concepts significantly, there is an significant influence of
the learning style towards an understanding of mathematical concepts, and
there i
s also a significant influence of the interaction of cooperative learning
odel of type Student Team Achievement Division and learning style
ards the understanding of mathematical concepts. So it can be concluded
that the cooperative learning model can improve understa
nding of students'
athematical concepts and learning styles is a individual differences of
rning students in absorbing mathematics subject matter. We hope that this
study can be beneficial for further research to impr
ove student's achievements in mathematics.


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