International Journal Of Core Engineering & Management

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Series:Volume 3
Genres:International Journal
Pages:10 pages
Binding: Softcover

                                  THE APPLICATION BOX JENKIN METHOD

This research outlines the practical steps which need to be undertaken to use, autoregressive moving
average (ARMA), autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA), autoregressive moving average
exogenous variabel (ARMAX). A framework for ARMA, ARIMA, ARMAX and ARIMAX forecasting is
drawn up. It considers two alternative approaches to the issue of identifying are models - the Box Jenkins
approach and the objective penalty function methods. The emphasis is on forecast performance which
suggests more focus on minimising out-of-sample forecast errors than on maximising in-sample
‘goodness of fit’. Practical issues in are time series model that, forecasting are illustrated with reference to
the harmonized index of consumer prices global FDI.


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