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Series:Volume 11
Genres:Jurnal Nasional
Pages:12 pages
Binding: Softcover

Leadership Challenges of the 21st Century:
Professional Attitude and Critical Thinking Skills

ABSTRACT: The 21st century is marked by globalization have reshaped the world. This condition is a challenge for leaders to manage the organization in a professional manner. On the other hand, professionalism reap cynicism that
the professional standing as defendants, because they are more concerned with status and wealth, even beguiling and instead of helping their clients. The purpose of the article is to provide an overview of professional leadership.
Therefore, the author did a literature study in depth, especially related to critical thinking and professionalism on the leader. This article, by using the qualitative approach and theoritical review method, tries to examine pertaining
the leadership challenges by identifying what is the professions and professional; professional leaders; and critical thinking. The result study shows that leadership becomes a vital necessity for a manager to ensure the achievement
of organizational goals. Therefore, a leader needs to have a professional attitude and critical thinking skills. The attitude of the professional leader seems in managing the complicatedity of the problem. While critical thinking skills to be one of the must-have in an effort to take a decision on the complicatedity of the problem. Critical thinking is considered to response to the challenges of a leader in the act, a choice between interest groups, and the attitude of professionalism. Professional attitude and critical thinking skills are leadership challenges of the 21
st century to resolve the complicatedity of the problem.


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